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Indian Poultry Vaccine Market

VAKSINDO Animal Health (VAH), research-based vaccine manufacturing company of PT. Japfa was launched in India during 13th Poultry India show on 27th November’2019 at Avasa Hotel, Hyderabad.

VAKSINDO launch was celebrated with prominent poultry farmers and leading poultry consultants invited for the technical seminar on “Significance and latest developments in Poultry Vaccines”.

Dr. Teguh Yodiantara Prajitno, PhD in Molecular Biology (Germany), presented on “Egg production drop due to Newcastle disease in Broiler breeders and it’s impact on the performance of the commercial broilers”.

Dr. J.L. Vegad, eminent poultry pathologist of India, in his keynote address about “Building Strong Immunity in Poultry” discussed on six-point disease prevention strategy through research based quality vaccines, nutrition, biosecurity, mycotoxin control, farm- and gut health- management.

Mr. Ranga Rao Baru, Head of Operations, India, VAH welcomed Guest of honor Ms. Gabriella Santosa, Aviagen technical service team, progressive farmers, channel partners and poultry veterinarians.

About JAPFA: PT Japfa Comfeed Indonesia, Tbk. is one of Indonesia’s largest agri-food companies that has been producing vital animal protein staples for the nation since 1975. Japfa is one of the fastest growing poultry conglomerates in Asia.

About VAKSINDO : Established in 1983, VAKSINDO is first animal vaccine manufacturer in Indonesia and a strategic link in Japfa Comfeed’s value chain. VAKSINDO actively collaborate with international research institutions to keep abreast of new and developing trends in animal health. Vaksindo Animal Health Pvt. Ltd. is based at Hyderabad and, is subsidiary of PT. Vaksindo Satwa Nusantara, Indonesia.