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Vaksindo Animal Health Pvt. Ltd

Vaksindo is the first Indonesian vaccine Company that was established in 1983, is one of the strategic links of Japfa's business units with BSL-3 manufacturing facility. Vaksindo produces vaccines for various segments, from poultry to large livestock, hatcheries, breeding, and commercial farms which will maintain the vision to be the right partner for the growing Asia & Africa market.

Vaksindo - Indonesia

Vaksindo - LSD.

Live Stock Division

Vaksindo Animal Health Pvt. Ltd., is a subsidiary company of PT. Vaksindo Indonesia We produce vaccines for various species from poultry to livestock which will maintain the vision to be the right partner for the growing market. Now adding another feather to our business, we are launching a new cattle division Vaksindo - LSD.

Our new innovative products with top notch quality are ready to launch in the market.

Vaksindo Animal Health Private Limited (VAHPL) is a subsidiary company of PT. Vaksindo. It has been established in 28th Aug 2018. VAHPL import vaccines from Indonesia and committed to provide complete range of poultry vaccines to meet all the requirements of today’s modern poultry farming by following the rules of CDSCO, Govt. of India.

Vaksindo also contributes to the world of poultry by developing various studies related to endemic diseases in Asia & Africa such as ND, IB, and AI. Strengthened by collaboration with international research institutes, we maintain and incorporate the latest technologies and techniques.

With the staff and skills of experienced veterinarians, we research and manufacture vaccines under strict supervision according to GMP and ISO 9001:2008 standards. All vaccines go through strict QC testing with the supervision of the QA team at every stage, so that the quality is guaranteed to reach consumers.

In a very short period of time, Vaksindo has earned a reputation of its own in Indian Poultry Vaccines Market.